About us  

David Bossan, the founder of Arol Energy, is specialised in engineering design, the energy sector and the environment.
He has spent many years working with groups that specialise in environmental engineering, and in the chemical industry, and has held positions dealing with technical and commercial aspects, as well as managing profit center.

Sander Reijerkerk, holds a doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Arol Energy.
He is responsible for all of the scientific and technical aspects of Arol’s R&D and industrialization projects in the areas of purification and energy use of biogas undertaken with our industrial and research laboratory partners.


Arol Energy has constituted an advisory board to ensure the highest level of operating excellence and a qualified international network :

Alain Bernis is a process engineering consultant and emeritus professor at the University of Savoie. He specialises in engineering design for processes applied to improving environmental quality.
He has directed numerous R&D projects, specifically in terms of the purification of gases, in collaboration with the CEA, IRSN, EDF and GDF. He brings to Arol Energy his know-how as a professor and researcher in the field of chemical and process engineering, and his experience with collaborative development projects conducted jointly by research laboratories and industrial companies.

Jean-Noël Méary is a strategy consultant for the Prosernat and Heurtey Petrochem companies, is former CEO of Prosernat and is a specialist in turn-key systems in the fields of energy
Throughout the course of his career, he has held senior management positions in companies specialising in engineering design for the purification of natural gas and the capture of CO2. At the Technip company, he was Operations Manager for Russia, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.
He brings to Arol Energy his experience at the international level in turn-key engineering design and in managing projects to build facilities of all sizes in the energy field.

Arol Energy’s development also benefits from the counsel of Claude Mortier, Managing Director of the “Société Chambérienne de Distribution de Chaleur” company, a subsidiary of the Cofely group. Claude Mortier is a member of the “Réseau Entreprendre Savoie”.