Our commitments

Our standars :

• High-quality service based on operational excellence, respect for deadlines and outstanding performance

• Dependable partnerships and close working relationships with our customers

• Sustainable installations with long lifespans

Our commitment is to providing the means to reduce energy use in the near future.

We help transform waste into energy.

We are committed to finding innovative solutions for sustainable development

Corporate responsability, indicators and sustainable development

Since corporate responsibility is a source of progress, regardless of the size of the company, we use the standards and methods of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We establish a set of performance indicators in order to assess our adherence to the standards of sustainable development and to measure our progress based on an annual action plan and concern for continuous improvement

We are also committed to making preservation of the environment part of all our actions, whether by offsetting our carbon footprint, taking the environmental impact of our products into account or effectively managing our waste products

Arol Energy has set itself the goal of working to develop renewable energy sources through the use of its skills and its products. Our business is at the crossroads of initiatives to produce low-cost energy, provide commercial recycling of waste and improve the quality of our environment.