Our solutions  

Learn more about Arol Energy's offer of "turn-key" product solutions

  • Biogas pre-treatment and purification with the AE-Inital product line.
  • Biomethane production with the AE-Amine and AE-Membrane product lines.
  • Specific biogas treatment and processes part of our accompanying technology portfolio.
  • Cogeneration and the effective re-use of heat with our CHP solutions.
  • Our diverse offer of accessory equipment.

Arol Energy can assist you with 

  • On-site measurement and analysis : We identify the chemical composition of biogas so you can optimize your existing or future biogas upgrading and valorization system(s).
  • Advising and technical analyses : We ensure an optimized energy performance of your methanisation and biomethane production facilities and we provide advice for the optimal choice and design of your biogas purification process.
  • Performance-based contracts (for 3 or 5 years, renewable).
  • Maintenance of your equipment on-site and the continuous on-line operational monitoring of your installations.
  • Training for operating personnel on our processes and equipment.

Choose of Arol Energy's product lines

  • AE-Initial line : Pre-treatment and purification of biogas, specifically to eliminate sulphur compounds (H2S and mercaptanes), VOC's (halogenated or not), siloxanes, ammonia, etc.
  • AE-Amine line : Biogas upgrading using a high-performance chemical scrubbing process with a very low energy demand that meets the strictest technical specifications.
  • AE-Membrane line : Biogas upgrading based on membrane gas separation combining simplicity and performance in a very compact installation.
  • Specific biogas treatment and processes : Targeted removal of, for example, oxygen and nitrogen from landfill gas, but also the removal of siloxanes from very large gas flows (> 1700 Nm3/h).
  • Biogas co-generation units as containerized solutions or as an indoor installation.
  • Accessory equipment, such as gas analyzers, centralized heat production for purification of biogas and digester heating, flares, hot air generators for drying, internal heat networks, systems for the destruction of gas effluents before discharge to the atmosphere...


We work with raw biogas flows 

  • Of 100 Nm3/h  to 1000 Nm3/h and higher, for the production of biomethane.
  • Starting at 50 Nm3/h, for the processing of biogas and its use in the production of electricity and heat by cogeneration.

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