The Methanisation of agricultural and agro-alimentary waste

Biogas derived from the methanisation of agricultural and agro-alimentary waste 

Whether you are an agricultural cooperative, a financial investor in methanisation, a renewable energy producer or a builder of methanisation plants, Arol Energy can provide the biogas purification and valorization phase.

We offer you installation designed using the combination of our AE Primary and AE Methane modules, implemented for the energy use of the biogas through co-generation or the production of biomethane.

We will work with you to ensure that our products fit perfectly with the overall operation of your facility: our processing modules can be customised to meet your needs and layout constraints. We take care of all your facility’s heating needs in the interest of efficiency and reliability.

We invite you to choose our treatment systems for flow rates greater than 50 Nm3/h in co-generation scenarios and greater than 200 Nm3/h in the production of biomethane