Grid injection 

Grid injection 

Traditionally biogas is often used for the production of electricity and/or heat of which generally only a minor quantity is valorized on-site, whereas the surplus is sold.
The market value of biogas is however significantly increased if it’s upgraded to biomethane and subsequently injected into the existing natural gas grid. In doing so, conventional natural gas users such as everyday households, industrial customers or even power plants, gain access to a renewable source of energy and at the same time the biogas producer ensures a stable income and a full utilization of his biogas.

Besides the financial aspect, biogas upgrading and subsequent injection into the existing natural gas grid offers, as opposed to the traditional valorization pathway, several other distinct and important advantages for the producer as well as end-user, such as:

 Higher flexibility on end-use

Decoupling of production and use (location and time)

• Improved local security of supply

Yet, to be able to inject into the gas grid the biogas needs to be dried, cleaned of impurities and upgraded to a higher methane content (> 96,5%) and has to meet the national quality standards of natural gas. The exact gas composition, the energy density and the Wobbe Index are measured and if required, the biomethane is enriched with propane to meet pipeline specifications. Furthermore, an odorant is added as biomethane (just like untreated natural gas) is odorless. This entire process, generally referred to as ‘upgrading’, is the core area of expertise of Arol Energy.

If you desire to valorize your biogas by the production of biomethane and its subsequent grid injection Arol Energy is able to accompany you from a first feasibility study to the ultimate realization of a turn-key customized solution. Depending on the size of the project and the customer’s wishes we propose either our AE-Amine or our AE-Membrane biogas upgrading technology. For further information we invite you to visit their respective pages or to contact us directly.