Arol Energy offers with its AE-Amine product line a versatile product to produce biomethane from raw biogas.

The core of the process is the high-efficiency removal of CO2 by the heat-driven amine scrubbing of the incoming raw biogas. Subsequently, the biomethane is dried after which it is available for injection into the natural gas grid or use as vehicle fuel.

With the AE-Amine process you are able to produce high purity biomethane (> 98% CH4) with only very limited methane losses of no more than 0.1%. This thus means increased revenue as compared to other upgrading technologies as more than 99.9% of the valuable methane is converted into biomethane. The low methane losses give another important advantage as the need for off-gas treatment is eliminated.

Furthermore, the latent heat available within the process can be recovered and used in the anaerobic digestion process by, for instance, heating the digester or the incoming substrate. This very unique, patented, AE-Amine heat-recovery option significantly reduces the energy demand of the entire installation and can reduce your energy costs by a factor 2 to 6.

The AE-Amine product line consists of standardized modules using 20 or 40 feet (6 or 12 meter) containers. The modules are available in several different sizes varying from 250 - 2500 Nm3/h. This standardization ensures an efficient and cost-effective solution for your biogas upgrading projects. Besides standard modules, customer-specific designs are offered for projects larger than 2500 Nm3/h.


Landfill gas

The upgrading of landfill gas, usually produced at significant quantities, generally poses additional challenges to its valorization as biomethane. The quantity of nitrogen and oxygen introduced in the raw biogas, due to its specific extraction technique, can be significant and are not removed by all the classical upgrading methods. This thus obstructs a correct valorization as biomethane. To be able to profit from the clear advantageous of biomethane Arol Energy proposes, in cooperation with its partners, additional purification techniques to eliminate the nitrogen and oxygen and unlock the full potential of biomethane.