Gas analysis

Arol Energy is working with the company Explorair for analysis of gases and VOCs from production of biomethane.

Arol Energy recently established a partnership with Explorair as to propose onsite biogas analysis services as part of its global offering for biogas valorization.

Explorair specializes in continuous, real-time, in situ analysis of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other and with their analytical laboratory helps and assists its customers to better understand their process.
With their mobile analysis equipment combining gas chromatography and mass spectrometry they can determine with great accuracy the global composition of your biogas and identify every single key component, down to a few ppb if necessary.
This partnership will allow Arol Energy’s customers to benefit from an additional offer of gas and VOCs analysis upstream of the biogas pretreatment. Furthermore, these techniques can help, when employed at an early stage, the correct choice of the upstream purification technology and serve, by regular inspections or tests, the monitoring of a facility.
The purpose of this collaboration is to reinforce with relevant technological choices, the biogas purification operations and thus the overall performance of the biogas installation.