Methanisation of organic waste

Arol Energy signs a partnership with the biogas plant constructor UTS Biogastechnik.

Arol Energy established a partnership with the German company UTS Biogastechnik to propose global solutions for the production of biomethane. This offer includes the biogas production as well as the downstream purification and upgrading step as to produce biomethane to be injected into the gas grid.

Biogastechnik UTS is a German company with over 20 years of experience in the construction of innovative and sustainable biogas plants. In particular, their solutions offer reduced operating costs, higher yields in biogas production, excellent operational safety as well as reduced methane emissions.

UTS Biogastechnik GmbH builds biogas plants meeting the customer’s expectations that can operat with any type of domestic and natural organic waste.

By formalizing this partnership, Arol Energy and UTS Biogastechnik take advantage of their complementary technologies for the production of biogas and biomethane. The purpose of this partnership is to propose a turnkey solution for the production and purification of biogas through the respective competences of these two actors. Arol Energy’s biogas purification and upgrading technologies can be combined with a biogas plant constructed by UTS Biogastechnik. This allows better control of the biogas production and valorization process and increases the transparency and efficiency of the plant operation and maintenance.