Partnership with Prosernat

On January 17th 2013, Arol Energy accelerates its development by the signature of a strategic partnership with the company Prosernat.

Through this partnership, Arol Energy is capable of realizing turnkey installations for purification of biogas and production of biomethane. The technology of chemical scrubbing which is proposed associates an excellent purity of biomethane and carbon dioxide extracted from biogas. Process has been designed to offer very low electricity and heat consumption. Our technology leads also to a very low level of methane losses which eliminate the need of post treatment thermal destruction and triggers a higher overall biomethane productivity.

Prosernat, subsidiary of Heurtney Petrochem and "IFP Energies nouvelles" is a highly technological engineering company specialized in treatment and purification of natural gas and CO captage technologies. It has supplied equipment and technologies for the industry of the natural gas for 30 years.