CO₂ Recovery

Green CO2 technologies at the service of the environment

Biogas upgrading releases two flows :

This “off-gas” can be processed to recover and recycle the CO2 it contains.

Arol Energy offers effective biogenic CO2 production and recovery solutions using innovative technologies which are contributing to the energy transition and the improvement of the overall facility and profitability.

CO2 Liquefaction

The bio-CO2 produced within the upgrading
process can be liquefied and transported to
consumption sites: injection of CO2 in
agricultural greenhouses, production of dry ice,
food and chemical industries, production of
coolants, etc.

Principles of CO2 liquefaction

  • Compression and dehumidification of
    the off-gas from biogas upgrading

  • Adsorption treatment of undesirable compounds (volatile organic compounds, sulfur
    compounds, etc.)

  • CO2 liquefaction including the recovery of non-condensable gases, including methane

  • Non-condensable gases recycling within the biogas upgrading unit

  •  Liquid CO2 storage

Advantages of the CO2 liquefaction

  • Source of additional revenues
  •  Reduction of greenhouse gas emission
  • Full recovery of the methane present in the
  • Units of 150 to 1000 kg/hr of CO2
  • Compatible with our AE-Compact, AE-
    Membrane and AE-Amine biogas upgrading
  • Compatible with all other biogas cleaning
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Performance monitoring tool


A technology of the future, methanation enables the production of methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Benefits of methanation :

  • Produce more methane

  • Consider injecting methane in the same way as biomethane coming directly from biogas purification

  • Remove greenhouse gas emissions (off-gas not released)

  • Recovery of all biogas

  • Contribution to the energy transition