Membrane technology

Performance, robustness and ease of operation

Arol Energy offers two complementary products according to project sizing: the AE-COMPACT and the AE-MEMBRANE. These solutions are designed to maximize biomethane productivity, equipment durability, process reliability and robustness, whilst guaranteeing ease and safety of operation.

Principle of membrane technology

  • Dehumidification and desulfurization of the
    biogas before the membranes

  • Compression of the biogas to the working pressure of the membranes

  • Separation of the CH4 and the CO2 using selective gas permeation membranes.

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Advantages of the membrane technology

  • Biomethane purity is over 98 %
  • Methane losses is under 0.5 %
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Robustness of Air Products’ PRISM® membranes
  • Guaranteed energy performance
  • Unit performance monitoring tool


  • Up to 150 Nm³/hr
  • 1 custom-sized container to reduce the unit’s footprint

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  • From 120 Nm³/hr
  • One 40-foot container combined with a pre-treatment skid