Amine scrubbing

A robust and economic technology with unique energy efficiency

Through its AE-AMINE range, Arol Energy is the only company in France to offer the amine scrubbing technology. This patented technology, developed exclusively with IFP Energies Nouvelles, is unmatched by the other technologies available on the market in terms of energy efficiency.

The principle of the amine scrubbing technology:

  • Biogas is decarbonized at atmospheric pressure in absorbing columns
  •  A unique amine-based solvent captures the CO2 and H2S leaving only the methane
  • The heat supplied allows the solvent to be
    regenerated, releasing the CO2 and the H2S
  • This technology was first used in the 1930s and has
    been used for natural gas since the 1950s

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The advantages of the amine scrubbing technology

  • Biomethane purity of over 99%

  • The most effective technology on the market with guaranteed
    methane loss of less than 0.1%

  • Very low electricity consumption: < 0.15 kWh/Nm³

  • Production of high purity CO2 (> 99.8%)

  • Low energy requirement thanks to the patented heat recovery system

  • Improved carbon footprint of the biomethane production site (25-45%)

  • Technology that is insensitive to biogas pollutants

  •  Desulfurization on the bioCO2 without activated carbon

  • Low operating costs

  • Guaranteed energy performance

  • Unit performance monitoring tool


  • From 200 Nm³/hr

  • Standard modules with 20- or 40-foot containers

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