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For 10 years, Arol Energy has been offering turnkey solutions for gas processing and energy recovery. As one of the first companies to offer biogas cleaning in France, Arol Energy develops innovative technologies based on methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen molecules. A company that prides itself on its humanist and responsible approach, we are committed to putting our technical skills at the service of our customers and the energy transition.

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Quantity of biomethane injected (in GWh)


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__ Our team

David BOSSAN is Arol Energy’s founder and president. After gaining extensive experience in technical and commercial management with leading environmental engineering groups, he created Arol Energy in 2012. A recognized technical expert, David leads the company with a focus on providing quality, sustainable, high-performance, energy-efficient solutions.

The AROL ENERGY team consists of thirty staff who are passionately committed to their mission. Drawing on a wide range of skills, expertise and varied experiences, the team has been growing steadily since the company was founded.


The Arol Energy team is divided into 5 poles :

Sales and marketing department:

Commercial development in France and abroad

Engineering department:

Technical know-how and operational excellence

Maintenance / Customer service department:

Reactivity and performance to keep our customers satisfied

Purchasing / Logistics department:

Respecting deadlines and supplier quality

Research & Development department:

Innovation at the heart of our development


__ Ours partners

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As a precursor of the amine scrubbing technology in France, we have mastered all the gas treatment and energy recovery processes. Our technical skills are recognized, as demonstrated by our references and the range of products we are able to offer. We rely on strategic partners who are leaders in their market to create customized solutions for each customer.


At the core of our DNA, quality is present at every level of the company’s operation: from the design to the commissioning of products, via our choice of suppliers, our qualification of subcontractors, and our requirements in terms of manufacturing. We do everything possible to offer you solutions with proven durability and reliability.


We put the safety of our customers and employees first. As specialists in gas applications, we make it a point of honor to think beyond the regulations in force in our technical solutions.

Energy efficiency

As a pioneer of heat recovery from chilled water production for biogas dehumidification, energy efficiency is at the heart of our product design. Our solutions are designed to maximize energy performance and productivity.

Customer consideration

Our customers are the focal point of our concerns. We develop relations of trust and partnerships based on listening to and supporting our customers at every stage of their project and during the operation of their facilities. We undertake to maintain a close, reactive relationship to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.


Arol Energy is committed to sustainable development through an environmental, social and responsible approach. We undertake to integrate respect of the environment in all our actions, whether by compensating our carbon footprint, taking the ecological impact of our products into account or controlling our waste.

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